Join the uneducated gentlemen Jacob, Shan, and Richard ranting and raving about games. We are three game developers coming from very different game backgrounds each of us play on a different console (XB1, PS4 and PC), and we discuss all things game-related. From the latest news to the controversies of the week and even our own development issues we try to cover it all.


About Jacob
Jacob is the Xbox Xpert, he has been accumulating gamerscore for nearly 10 years in fact (he has over 100,000 Gscore now). Jacob is the loud, laugh happy host of Uneducated Opinions.

PS He is also a writer and photographer (insta: Jmatik_photography).




About Shan

Shan and Sony go way back, like way way back. He has plenty of trophies to prove it. He loves Uncharted and the Last of Us and good stories in general, like Broken Age and Firewatch, you get it.

PS He is also a game designer working at an indie dev in Toronto, and I’m sure he’ll be updating us periodically with news about the games he works on.



About Richard Richard the PC know-it-all of the trio; he sits upon his ivory tower looking down on us console plebs. His specialities including telling n00bs to git gud, playing way too much rocket league and letting us know how big his steam library is.

PS He is an indie game designer as well, currently building his own game, hopefully we will get to play it at some point!